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I am a moderate Republican.


Yes, I agree, that it is important to work with all sides to make things happen for our people, the American public.


Work With Me

We can all see that there are a lot of problems in Congress, the Economy, Jobs, Taxation, Global Warming, Justice, and more.


Letís work together to solve these problems, so that our children can have a better America.


Come Join Me

I love working with many different people. I am fair and diplomatic but call a spade a spade.


If you would love to work or volunteer for my election committee, please do reach out to me.


Elections (Primary)

June 7, 2022, Vote for Solomon




Hey, Democrats, Independents & Republicans, even Lieberman say we need a centrist government.


As a centrist, I look out for the interest of all Americans, whether Democrat, Independent or Republican.

Nov 5, 2021: Manchin 'single-handedly saved the republic': Lieberman






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