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I was born in Malaysia 60+ years ago and grew up in a society where everything is decided by race & religious quotas – Identity Politics. I have lived/worked/travelled in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, Canada & the US. In 1998 I moved to America and became, by choice, a naturalized US citizen in 2014. Thus, I have worked and lived among many different cultures, races & political systems.


Work Experience


Start-Up Founder, Stress Testing, Credit Risk, Credit Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, Management Consultant, Corporate Planning, Information Technology, Auto Sales, Foundation of Physics Researcher, Statistics in Medicine (Infectious Disease Spread & Multiple Sclerosis)



Over the past 40-years I have developed innovative solutions to business problems. These include,

1. HELSIS – Home Equity Line for Self-Insured Servicing. Requires minor changes to mortgage regulation and will then reduce mortgage defaults by up to 70% and similarly reduce bank risk capital requirements.

2. Credit Risk - Financial AIR Models (AIR = Asymmetric Information Resolution) are a new class of solutions that determine company credit risk in minutes rather than the current 3 to 6 months.

3. Statistics – invented several new statistical tools, Wilcoxon Regression, Collated Distributions, Levy Distribution, Levy Uniform Distribution, Black Swan/Grey Rhino.  

4. Business AIR Models – A new strategy model to infer your competitor’s private information from public data.

5. Finance – Invented Capital Premium Model, and Economic & Funding (E&F) Statements

6. Medical Statistics – Infectious Disease Spread (COVID) and Multiple Sclerosis Stress-Symptom Clusters.

7. Financial Risk – Proposed corrections to the industry methodology on mortgage portfolio risk analytics.

8. Physics: Made the incredible discovery of g=tau.c^2, the massless formula for gravitational acceleration using data modeling. A first in 335-years (1687-2022). Proved that g=tau.c^2 is valid for all macro forces, mechanical, electromagnetic & gravitational.

9. Physics: The gravitational constant G is not a constant but inversely dependent on the element's isotopic mass. Another first in 335-years (1687-2022).

10. Physics: Proposed the Probabilistic Wave Function as an alternative to the Schrödinger wave function.

11. Physics: Proposed how probabilities are implemented in Nature and how gravitational fields are created.

12. Port Strategy: in 1995 I invented Westport’s 7-hour strategy and successfully positioned Westport to effectively compete against the Port Authority of Singapore, then the largest container port in the world. By 2006 Westport had become the 6th largest container port in the world.

13. Manufacturing: Invented and implement Daily Factory Starts (DFS) scheduling system at Texas Instruments Malaysia & Philippines thereby reducing work-in-progress from 5 to 3 days ($8.2 million) for Texas Instruments Malaysia & Philippines (both were 6,000 SKU operations).



1. Master of Business Studies, Banking and Finance, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland (1995)

       + This program is the oldest graduate finance program in Europe

2. Master of Arts, Operations Research, Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom (1982)

       + Lancaster University is a British ivy league university

3. Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom (1979)




2021 A Critique of Dodd-Frank: Forecasting Securitized Mortgage Credit & Default Risk, Scholar’s Press 

2021 Real World Data Modeling:  Applications in Statistics, Physics & Medicine, Scholar’s Press 

2019 Unifying Gravity with the Atomic Scale (II), Scholar’s Press  

2017 Unifying Gravity with the Atomic Scale, Scholar’s Press 

2016 Unsystematic Risk: Rethinking Finance. QuantumRisk LLC, based on my MBS (Finance) thesis 

2014 Reengineering Strategies and Tactics: Know Your Company's and Your Competitors' Strategies and Tactics Using Public Information. Universal Publishers, Boca Raton, 2nd Edition 

2012 An Introduction to Gravity Modification:  A guide to using Laithwaite's and Podkletnov's experiments and the physics of forces for empirical results. Universal Publishers, Boca Raton, 2nd Edition 


All other publications are here. There are about 150 in total.


1. Jeremy Miner’s 7th Level Sales (2017)

2. California Real Estate Agents License, 01978208 (2015-2019)

3. FINRA Series 65, Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination, 2010




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