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FAQs About Benjamin Thomas Solomon’s Congressional District 16 (Silicon Valley) Candidacy



I am very honored to run for Congressional District 16, US House of Representatives. I have 4 decades of working experience in industry, in credit risk, commercial and industrial lending, corporate strategy and management consulting and have worked for Texas Instruments, GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation), UMB Bank (a regional bank) in the Rockies, and for Westport, Malaysia. Westport started out as an $1 billion infrastructure project and the sixth largest port in the world by 2006. I am a critical of Dodd Frank, bank stress testing and COVID 19 models. I wrote the quarterly US Economic Report for UMB Bank for two years straight.


I have lived in Malaysia. It is the only country that has practiced identity politics for 52 years. As a second-class citizen of identity politics, I will tell you it is wrong because it destroys both sides, the supposed beneficiaries, and the State mandated disadvantaged. Therefore, one of the things we have to do, is to fix these mistakes we have been implementing in this country. Thank you so much for reading my FAQs.


I stand for:

1.       State & Federal government accountability:

a.       Stop increasing gas prices now.

b.       Stop inflation now.

c.       Stop throwing our hard-earned taxpayers money on policies that won’t work.

d.       Do a better job investigating a policy before burdening the taxpayer.

2.       Get our schools back on track, as a lousy education leads to lousy jobs.

3.       Stop the crime in our neighborhoods, else it will reduce our property prices, and chase away good employers.

4.       Money is not the solution to every problem

a.       It is easy for Congress to throw other people’s money (the taxpayer’s) at a problem and then claim they accomplished something great, but have they?

5.       Real solutions require excellent vision, thinking, and strategy. Followed by competent and quality execution. Make our scientist accountable for what they say.


Having read the FAQs, please vote for me, Benjamin Thomas Solomon.




Roe v. Wade?

Why are we still talking about this in the 21st century? Yes, as a God fearing, moderate Republican, I will say this, women should have the same rights as men. They have right to choose what they want to do with their bodies.


Even though the Supreme Court leakage is not a good thing, it shows that there is the difference between law and politics, that the right to abortion is a political decision, and not a legal decision. Congress determines the law. The Supreme Court interprets this law. It is not the job of the Supreme Court to create new laws. That is the job of Congress.




High Inflation & Gas Prices. Is there an end?

Inflation is now at 8.5%, and do not blame the Ukrainian war. It was at 7.9% before the war started. This inflation is our government's mess. They have nobody else to blame. GDP has shrunk by 1.4%, and if this continues, at that rate, we will be in a recession by the end of this year, 2022. This too is our Progressive/Democratic Government’s mess.


So, there are a lot of things we have to do to turn the GDP around. One of them is to address inflation, which we have not done. Quantitative Easing was introduced to halt the financial collapse of the banking system during the Great Recession by making excess money easily available to these institutions. This excess money is now the cause of inflation. 


Our left leaning economist are pushing Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) that we can spend our way out of any problem. This is so wrong. Why are we collecting taxes if that is the case? Wait, better still, we should pay every voter $250,000 (Universal Basic Income?) for voting for these Progressive Democrats. How stupid can our “experts” get?



Gun Control. Where Does It Begin?


The babies we lost at Uvalde, TX, is an incomprehensible tragedy. My heart goes out to these families. If you have been a dad, you will know that children at even 9, 10, & 11 years are still our babies, a treasure, a joy, and the marvel of innocence.


We have been trying various forms of gun control these past 35-years, and that has not worked. We have not addressed the fundamental causes. Mass shootings started many decades ago when we took out the teaching of right and wrong out of our schools. It happens because millions of illegals guns are coming in through our Southern border. Illegals don’t care about our laws.


We protect our President, our Congress, or Governors, our celebrities, our courts, and major events, with guns, but our schools are protected with “Gun Free Zone” signs. Is that crazy or what? If you have noticed, the left keep harping on how to control guns, but not how to protect our babies. That is because they are Pro-Choice.


With Uvalde, we have to answer the question, where did an 18-year-old get the money to buy his guns? To stop gun violence in schools, churches, and our neighborhoods we need to cut off the source of these funds.



California Job Creation or Cremation?

I would ask why are our good quality jobs leaving, and not coming to, California? Our big corporations have taken 100,000 good quality jobs out of California to other states. Why? Because California has become one big mess and employers know and they are leaving in droves. What do you think will eventually happen to home prices? Yes, down.


This is proof that Californian politicians do not know how to facilitate good quality jobs for their own state, and they expect to do this for America? Get off your high horse.



Can We Afford Higher Taxes?

There are a lot of really big issues, stemming from how the federal budget has been managed. I have laid down five ground rules on how to manage the Federal Budget. These rules do not prevent big government, but they ensure that we do not burden the taxpayer or put the taxpayer in economic harm’s way.


At the rate the current Congress is going we will have phenomenal deficits, and taxes will increase by 2.6x. Whether we like it or not, interest rates are going up. Right now, the Congressional Budget Office uses a forecasts of interest rate of 1.5%! That is no longer valid. If interest rates goes up more than 3%, interest required to pay for this public debt will consume 25% to 40% of our taxpayers money. The government will cease to be feasible. Government employees will be permanently laid off.


Yes, you can say, we can borrow more money from the public markets, but that would be equivalent to borrowing from the loan shark to pay the bank. We need a lot more accountability from our government.



Will Our Democracy Survive?

I believe that our democracy is threatened. It's not by the people. It's not by the regulation. It's by our congressional members, both Senate and House of Representatives. They vote as a bloc. And because they vote as a bloc, they set the example for the rest of the population to vote as a bloc.


Thank God, for Senators Manchin and Sinema. They are showing that it is possible to have independent minds. We need to stop our representatives, senators, and voters, voting as a block. Voters need to better inform themselves of what's happening and vote for what they believe is right and not by party lines.




Is Climate Change a Lie?

We need to protect our earth, and we owe it to ourselves not to breathe in polluted air. But the end of the world is not coming from emissions from transport or industry.


I did the calculations myself emissions. carbon dioxide from emissions accounts for only 0.001% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So how can, changing the emission standards affect global warming? It cannot. The rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is due to deforestation, and not due to the burning of fossil fuels.


We need to ask, why didn't Congress make our climate scientists accountable? What are they up to? And why? Our global alarmist scientists are not telling us the whole truth. They said, if the Antarctica melts, the sea levels will rise by 200 feet but 85% of the Antarctica melts every summer and freezes every winter. Do the sea levels rise and fall by 170 feet every year? No.


The Build Back Better Act’s $550 Billion budget allocation is a tremendous waste of our taxpayers' money, as it will have no impact of global warming. Worse it discriminates against non-union workers or 90% of the working population. Is that what we want, legalized discrimination?



Does Health Insurance Work?

Yes, there's something really wrong with our healthcare system. When you have to pay several $1,000 for a few stitches, that shows you something is wrong. The whole thing has to be turned upside down, revisited, and refigured. Our healthcare system is not broken, it is dishonest.



EU Digital Services Act.

There are two issues here. First is free markets. I'm a strong believer in free markets. It's the most efficient economic structure we can find on this planet, and most of the jobs we have today are a result of free markets. That is why communism failed in all countries that imposed communism. Let the markets decide. Therefore, I agree with Elon Musk. We need to do something about it.


Secondly, all computers, and all algorithms are mechanistic, thus garbage in, garbage out, and it doesn't matter what your laws are. Programmers will figure out how to support or break the process. I know because I used to be a programmer. So, we need to manage, or learn to manage the people who do the programming.


Primarily, who is going to regulate what? We, the US, is not going to subservient to unelected foreigners.



California Homeless. Yes, this California.

I was here in California in 1978. I saw it was such a beautiful state. People were happy. They were going about their business as if the whole world had opened up to them.


Today, after 35-years of Progressive Democrat rule, we have deteriorated into a very different state. We have alarming homelessness. We have unacceptable levels of crime and bad policing. This cannot be solved overnight. Throwing money at these problems is not going to change anything, because that's been done for many, many years, and it hasn’t worked.


There is no accountability from our Californian politicians. What we need to do is straighten out our education system, give the kids good nutrition, and give the kids good education and mentoring. Get them up to grade and then let them decide what they want to do with their lives. If you don't have a good education, you cannot get a good job. Employers can tell when interviewing job candidates. The poorly educated cannot survive in California.



Bay Area Rapid Transit System and Related Infrastructure.

Throwing money at problems easy. You don't need votes. Go to Oakland, the black neighborhoods in Oakland. You will see potholes. There are so many that you cannot drive without one tire hitting a pothole.


I am shocked that these people keep voting for the same people who hold them down. We have seen this repeatedly in California for the last 35 years. What we need is accountability of the budget. The budget is not Congress's money. It is our taxpayers money. We need that accountability. This budget accountability does not exist. It can only be restored by changing the people controlling our State & Federal Budgets.



Coastal Erosion, and Beach Overcrowding.

The prevailing culture increasingly appreciates the preservation of the Earth, and we should leverage this fact to protect nature and our beaches. In spite of CA EPA, filth is the major problem. A solution can be engineered, but it needs a lot of discussion or analysis to figure out how to do it right. Again, it's not money. It's about getting it done right and being accountable. When I was working for Westport, Malaysia’s seaport (At that time, 1995, a $1 billion port infrastructure project), I laid the strategy for the port. By 2006 it was the sixth largest port in the world. That comes from thinking about the problem and being accountable. It does not come from throwing money at the problem.





We want a Congress that listens to the people, investigates the best solution, and executes implementation without disadvantaging some demographic.


We want a Congress that makes accountable, the experts paid by our taxpayer money.


We want a Congress that does not put us, the taxpayer, in harm’s way, economically. Congress wants to show how much money they have thrown at a problem as an achievement. Ask yourselves, has California improved over the last 35 years? The answer is “No”.


We don’t want our taxes to rise by 2.6x, do we? This must happen if Congress continues its reckless, lavish spending spree.


I ask you to vote for me, Benjamin Thomas Solomon.



Ben Solomon 2021/2022

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