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Protecting Our Lifestyles:

We need a government that does not put the American people in harm’s way, economically. We want the United States of America not the United Soviet America. Congress’ job is to look out for the American people, not their own hidden agendas.


We want a government that knows how to effectively use our precious hard earned taxpayers’ money, for all Americans whether left, center or right. This money is not unlimited, and neither is the leveraging of this money with debt – government issued bonds – an unlimited supply of funds, but the Progressives are blocking with their unrealistic demands that taxpayers cannot afford.


Having worked 40+ years in industry (in many countries, industries, and fields) I have earned the wisdom that comes from life experience. Thus, as a Centrist Republican I believe in the individual's right to make their own decisions. I recognize that, Democrats, Independents & Republicans, want to do good for our American people.


To get there we need to elect people with STEM and finance backgrounds, like me, who are not easily fooled by the “sciences”. Did you know that 30% of China’s lawmakers have STEM backgrounds – that explains how China emerged, in less than 30 years, from a 3rd world country to a superpower that now threatens the US and all of our lifestyles.


For example, even though clean air and technologies are vital to our interests, did you know that Emissions CO2 only accounts for 0.001% of Atmospheric CO2? That means the $550 billion budget allocation for clean will have zero impact on global warming. This is government waste that will push up our taxes by 2.6x! Yes, 2.6x. We need better policy making.



Some History:

Did you know? That “the Republican Party emerged in 1854 to combat the Kansas–Nebraska Act and the expansion of slavery into American territories. The early Republican Party consisted of northern Protestants, factory workers, professionals, businessmen, prosperous farmers, and after 1866, former black slaves. The party had very little support from white Southerners at the time, who predominantly backed the Democratic Party in the Solid South . . . the election of Abraham Lincoln (the first Republican president) in 1860 . . . ” wikipedia




My Platform

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Rebuild Public Safety:


Organized mob violence and crime is spreading throughout California. It will soon be in our neighborhoods if we don’t do something about it.


Wall Street Journal published an article documenting the madness in California.

Do we want more crime?



  Do we want Progressive mob rule?



Control Inflation:


Our Progressive Government claims that this is temporary, but did you know that inflationís effects are permanent?


Inflation has shot up to an unprecedented 8.5% last seen almost 40 years ago. That was hell then.




Reduce Taxes:


Taxes are going up because the Progressives passed a $4 trillion budget by gaming it to look like a $1.5 trillion budget.


Are we stupid? Interest rate sensitivity analysis shows that during high inflation (which we are in now) taxes must go up by up to 2.6x to pay interest on public debt.



The Progressive tax shocker - coming soon

Rebuild Education-Jobs:


Our grade school education is so bad that our ivy league universities have to import foreign students to maintain their standards!


If that does not matter, remember a lousy education gets a lousy job. Employers know.



Stop Government Overreach:


Our Progressive Congress is manufacturing false urgencies to get us to vote for them and make us believe that they are doing something critically important. How?


Our forefathers fought for our freedoms. This Progressive Congress is taking away our freedoms little by little and increasingly telling us what we cannot do.



Global Warming is not due to Emissions CO2 (or 0.001% of Atmospheric CO2)! Do the calculations yourselves.


It is impossible to reduce Atmospheric CO2 with the $550 billion clean policies of Build Back Better which addresses a minuscule part of the problem! It is a waste of taxpayers’ hard-earned money.



Our Public Health Policies are all wrong!


Sweden spends less than half per person than the US on COVID relief but gets half the death rate! That means 350,000 American would be alive if we just followed Swedenís example. Why are we following Chinaís?





Make Congress Responsible:





Having a decade in Stress Testing, I have proposed 5 rules for Congressional Budget Management.


Remember it is not Congressí money, it is our taxpayersí money and Congress should be acting as responsible stewards of our money.




Can we reduce mortgage defaults?


Yes. Quantitative Easing averted a financial meltdown of the US economy in 2009-2010 by saving the banks.


How about mortgage borrowers? HELSIS is the new bank product I invented in 2020 to protect mortgage holders and thus banks.



Replace False Ideology:


Stop teaching false ideology in schools.


Its purpose is to make our children believe that their future is not up to them but the state.

Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory & Woke.


CRT has many scientific mistakes.

I lived in a country that practiced Identity Politics for 52 years and can confirm that it is a version of apartheid.




White Guilt is false! It is belief slavery.


This white guilt false narrative teaches our children that they cannot do better because of who they were born to.







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